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Snowman in the Meadows

It all started with a second-hand sewing machine and self-indulgence – I got it from an old shop and wanted to learn a bit of sewing. Then there was this arts and crafts flea market on a random weekend and I was invited as a stall owner by another two friends with a similar background – all of us being hand-made hobbyists. It went quite spontaneously and unexpectedly afterwards, most of the products have been sold out in the market and more and more people started to order tailor-made sewing accessories, I gradually came to consolidate the uniqueness of Snowman in the Meadows and also got more motivated to keep designing new accessories for the brand. That was the beginning of Snowman in the Meadows.

The brand aims at coming up with multi-purpose accessories, so that people can have fun mix-and-matching different combinations.

The brand has joined various local flea markets and some of the products have been consigned to several bookstores, gift shops and cafes in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

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