Information architecture, Product design Wallet & Card App

Blockchain technology has been a hot topic in recent years. Working with team allowed me to take a deep dive into the blockchain scene and its applications – cryptocurrencies.

Being the only in-house UX designer, my major duty was to make contributions to the product from the planning stage to the implementation stage, and also to follow up tweaks and final touches. In each of the features, we had to make sure most use cases have been covered and consistent in user flow. For example, with the company’s product being distributed to different parts of the world, the team will have to ensure the flow of the user journeys meets with different jurisdictions.

With the metrics and analytics collected from the data team, we were able to make UX decisions more objectively and effectively. Whether a feature should be enhanced or should it be there at all are now based on actual data instead of gut feelings. Wallet & Card App screenshot